BUNNY Center

On-Cloud retail solution to track, measure and manage operations at your retail store effectively to bring in more revenue.

Product & Inventory Management

Manage your products, price-lists, inventory, ecommerce, and sales commission.

CRM, Loyalty and Offers

Handle CRM, Loyalty framework, Coupons & Offers management, and Feedback collection.

Vendor Management and Reports

Drive Purchase orders, Forecasts, Reporting dashboards, and derive business intelligence.

Data security & User privileges

Deploy Territory management, user access levels, workflow automation, and third-party apps integration as part of the package.

The Roadmap (coming soon...)

Manage multiple warehouses, track inventory in each warehouse or store, move inventory within stores, and send SMS to end customers at every touchpoint.

Data warehouse of your customers

Decision Engine & Content Delivery

Reports, Analytics and Dashboards

Salient Features

User Roles

  1. Specific access levels & roles are associated with users.
  2. Store managers of one territory cannot view the data of a store in another territory.
  3. Hierarchy of roles and data privacy are taken care.

Enterprise Readiness

Data is your most important asset, and it is in safe hands with us. Our SLA and up-time guarantees keep your business on toes at all times.

Multi-Channel Touchpoints

  1. Email – See your email inside CRM. This means no more shuffling between screens.
  2. Telephony – Make calls from THANK BUNNY with single-click dialing assisted by call analytics.
  3. Social – Interact with prospects on social media channels from inside the dashboard.
  4. Realtime – Get real-time information about every activity a customer and prospect engages in.

Extend and Customize

  1. Integration with Zoho suite of products including Zoho Books for accounting and book keeping.
  2. Tailor the system to your specific needs with custom apps, modules, and fields.
  3. Data export and import features are built in the system.

Sales Performance

  1. Territory Management – Segment your business presence into territories to handle customer data better.
  2. Advanced CRM Analytics – Pre-made templates and custom reports to monitor growth and forecast trends.
  3. Data Intelligence – Analyze your spending against your sales revenue and see how it affects your bottom line.
  4. Workflow Automation – From sending follow-up emails to assigning tasks, automated scripts do the heavy lifting.

On the Go

Get access to your data, and run you business from anywhere and anytime with our mobile applications on iOS and Android devices.

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The Retail ERP
Track Customers + Vendors
POS and Loyalty Engine
Inventory Management
Integrated Campaigns
Reporting and Forecasting

Here's how it works!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it for Free

Yes. You can signup for a free trial period of 15 days without the need of credit card. You will be prompted to upgrade after 15 days. On your request, we can extend the trial period for 15 more days so that you gain more confidence in our product.

Is my data secure?

Yes. We work with Zoho to offer security on multiple levels including the physical, software and people/process levels. Read more here!

Is there money back guarantee?

No. We offer a free trial period for you to test our services. However, we do not refund your money after you upgrade your account to a monthly / yearly premium package.

Who owns my data, and can I migrate it at any point in time?

You own your data absolutely. We only provide you a framework to host it. You can import data from several sources, and export it in different formats too.

How do I get started?

It just takes 1 minute of your time to signup with us. Just click on the “Signup” button and feed in your organization details to get started.

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