BUNNY Circle

A scalable technology platform that allows you to engage all of your customers with proven game mechanics.

10x more effective than marketing

Build a loyal customer-base, and thereby increase revenue.

Drive More Customer Visits
Retain your customers with a tailor-made loyalty program with game mechanics.

Engage in Conversation
Follow up customers with Brand-recall automation, shopping incentives and feedback requests during sale.

Plan and Strategize
Make the most of your data with real time updates of your sales cycle and customer behavior.

Get customers hooked to your brand 50% more often
Technology is at the core of our solution. Our SaaS based technology platform is hosted in the cloud, and has a scalable back-end. You can access it from any device connected to internet, and there is no software to install.

Made exclusively for retailers.

THANK BUNNY empowers you to execute loyalty programs, capture feedback, run campaigns and engage often with customers.

Loyalty Framework

Build a loyalty-circle for your new and existing customers based on their purchase behavior.

Feedback System

Get timely feedback from in-store customers, and act swiftly to keep them happy.

Email & SMS Campaigns

Run digital campaigns to target specific sets of customers with personalized offers.

Powerful Reports

Get summarized sales numbers, returning customers, and feedback ratings on graphs and charts.

Offers and Coupons

Manage the coupon announcements and validation along the hierarchy of your team.

Export and Import Tools

Manage your own data effectively, with export / import tools for convenience and backup.

Want to see your customers frequently?

Whether you’re after customer attraction, retention or engagement,
We do that – In fact, that’s all we do.

Why choose us?

It is so damn easy to get started with us.


Delivered in three flavors, designed to suit your every need

Rs. 950 (USD $15) per month
Gamified Loyalty Framework
1 User
No Additional User Accounts
End to End Setup & Training
Daily Reports
Small Business
Rs. 2950 (USD $50) per month
Gamified Loyalty Framework
2 Users with Admin and Standard Roles
Additional User Accounts (Extra Cost)
End to End Setup & Training
Advance Reports
Export Data
Email & SMS Campaigns
Offers Management
Feedback System
Private Instance (Extra Cost)
Rs. 4950 (USD $80) per month
All features Included
Network of Brands & Stores
White Labeling
Private Instance & Hosting
Data Migration From Previous System