Customer Engagement Automation

Understand customers, automate communications, and create brand advocates with our award-winning platform for retailers.

Do you have a record of all your old and current customers? Do you get in touch with them occasionally? Can you learn what they think of your brand? Would you like to convert your one-timers into loyal ones?

Maybe it’s time to rethink your approach…

Join the nation-wide network!

Perfect network for restaurants and retailers of all sizes.

The Network Benefits
Thousands of our members can be part of your database just by shopping at your store. We sync a customer’s existing profile to your account in real-time.

Engage in Conversation
Connect with customers at every touch-point, follow up with brand-recall automation, collect insights, and create meaningful relationships.

Drive More Loyal Customers
Retain your customers with a tailor-made loyalty program, and track influence. Collect data from your POS with our robust API integration.

Powerful platform for retailers.

Centralized communications, automated marketing, one-touch promotions and spend-based rewards

Loyalty Framework

Device a spend-based loyalty program to increase customer frequency and average ticket-size.

Instore & Remote Feedback

Get timely feedback from in-store customers, and act swiftly to keep them happy. Using assisted Net Promoter System®, you can track your customer sentiments and engage with them instantly.

Marketing Campaigns

Run digital campaigns to target specific sets of customers on SMS and Email.

Engagement on Auto-Pilot

Define SMS and Email templates to interact with your customers after every sale, and execute triggers based on customer’s behavior.

Offers and Coupons

Manage coupons and spread the word along the hierarchy of your team. Win your customers back and entice them with delightful offers.

CRM & Powerful Reports

Manage your customer data effectively with our export tools. Get summarized sales numbers, returning customers, and feedback ratings on graphs and charts.

Business Website & Mobile app

Get your brand presence on the mobile phones of all your customers, and a dedicated landing web-page for your business products, news updates, contact information.

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Technology is at the core of our solution
Our SaaS based technology platform is hosted in the cloud, and has a scalable back-end. You can access it from any device connected to internet, and there is no software to install.

Engage customers on multiple channels

Create connected experiences

Whether you’re after customer attraction, retention or engagement,
We do that – In fact, that’s all we do.

Transactional Alerts

Sequences & Drip Messages

Broadcast Message

Personal Message

Targeted Promotions

Feedback Request


Deploy marketing automation
We help you get more repeating customers by activating trigger based SMS and Emails managed on auto-pilot.

Gather details of all walk-ins
Toss out the phone book… You can collect your customer’s phone, email and other details with click of a button.

Backup customer data
Get all your customer data exported to CSV or MS Excel and process it for offline marketing.

Stay in touch with customers
Send marketing campaigns on several channels to customers with transaction alerts, personal messages and drip-messaging.

Create custom loyalty program
You will custom design a rewards program that will suit your business and excite your customers.

Turn prospects into customers
Intimate your customers about promotions and events, announce new collections at your store, and bring them back.

Learn what your customers feel
Get feedback from your in-store customers on their transactions, and also setup remote feedback mechanism.

Generate secured data reports
We present your customer data in easy to understand graphs and tables. You could also track the spending activity of all your customers.


Customer Experience Management

A successful organization ought to have a persistent flow of prospects and be watchful for not squandering cash in the wrong channels.

  • Discover new customer acquisition channels
  • Get traction for new product launches
  • Increase the number of store walk-ins

Making the guests in your store experience their “Aha!” moment is crucial to the growth of your business.

  • Automate your on-boarding communication
  • Create email nurtures to welcome new customers
  • Inform and educate customers on your key products

As the studies reveal, loyal customers generate 70% of the yearly sales. Use newsletters and announcements to keep your customers in the loop.

  • Accurate retention analysis
  • Remind and get back old customers
  • Increase loyal customer base

Leverage customer data, along with CRM, and ERP data to predict when a customer is ready for an upsell.

  • Increase your payable customer base
  • Decrease churn
  • Increase annual revenue

Deploy online surveys to measure NPS (Net Promoter Score) of your brand, and gauge your customer satisfaction.

  • Identify happy customers and turn them into brand-advocates
  • Attend customer problems in real-time
  • Give special care to at-risk customers


Delivered in three flavors, designed to suit your every need

$15 (Rs. 950) /month
Gamified Loyalty Framework
Engagement on Auto-pilot
1 User
No Additional Stores
End to End Setup & Training
Daily Reports
Small Business
$30 (Rs. 1950) /month
Gamified Loyalty Framework
Engagement on Auto-pilot
2 Users with Admin and Standard Roles
Additional Store (Extra Cost)
End to End Setup & Training
Advance Reports
Feedback System
Email & SMS Campaigns
Offers & Coupons
Export Tools
Integration Tools
$80 (Rs. 4950) /month onwards
Network of Brands
Unlimited Stores
White Labeling
Private Instance & Hosting
Data Migration From Previous System

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