Customer Engagement is the most vital link for Retailers, but not yet automated by many. There is a need for a tool that helps retailers monitor their customer engagement, retain and encourage customers to visit them again in near future. The goal today is to deliver an amazing customer experience at every interaction so that not only do businesses acquire and retain customers, but the customers also become their loyal fans.
Here is a solution!

The rules of engagement are simple. Most Management gurus agree that “If you can measure it, you can improve it”. Hence, we solve the problem by building a reward program aided by an effective points system. This is the prime idea on which “Thank Bunny” is built.

For any business, a SALE operation marks the completion of finding a new customer, and sets the beginning for continuous engagement with that customer. We need a process automation for the retailer to build a lasting relationship with all its customers effortlessly.

The gamification has the potential to change the dynamics of customer and employee engagement, rewards and recognition, and customer loyalty. The mechanics of gamification by rewarding people with points and other incentives have been around forever, but it is the explosion of the digital world that has positioned it as a packaged motivational tool.
Introducing Thank Bunny

Introducing Thank Bunny for Retail Merchants and Restaurants…

Thank Bunny aims to increase sales for a business by atleast 30% in 3 months. It has easy-to-customize modules that can be adapted to any business use case. Thank Bunny is carefully designed and tested to prove results in various verticals of retail and restaurant segments.

With “Thank Bunny”, a store can deploy a loyalty rewards program aided by an effective points system. On top of this, there is a reporting mechanism that gives timely news about sales numbers, returning customers, and feedback ratings to store admins.

A business needs to look at promotion as a totally integrated practice. Promotion is not just store signage, direct mail, and specific interaction on social media. It’s expressed in every point of contact. In Thank Bunny, we have automated the process of sending personalized messages to customers after their transaction with the store. We’ve also built a system for store admins to efficiently manage offers/coupons issued during promotional campaigns.

Promotions delivered via text, email, or social media are inexpensive, and can help a business refine the promotion by receiving instant response rate data. “Thank Bunny” help businesses to manage their mobile and online campaigns with very little effort.

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