Loyalty Starter Kit

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Don’t you think customer relationship is the key to a growing business? We are inviting you along with 100 popular retailers in Chennai to receive our 2 technology platforms FREE for 10 years (not days).

1. In-Store Loyalty Platform


First is the Loyalty platform for you to reward your loyal customers based on their spend value. Technology is at the core of our solution. Our platform empowers you to execute loyalty programs, capture feedback, run campaigns and engage with customers in-store.


Our SaaS based technology platform is hosted in the cloud, and has a scalable back-end. You can access it from any device connected to internet, and there is no software to install.


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2. Mobile App for Fan-Clubs


Using our Mobile application, fashion retail brands can build their own fan-clubs and announce exclusive news and offers to their club members.


The mobile application will help the customer keep track of all his favorite retail stores and check coupons offered by them. This completes the loop as a holistic platform that has a presence with both retailers and end-customers.


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Get Started!

You can start availing your loyalty system by filing the below form. Once you fill in the form, we will give you the get-start kit for your retail business. Looking forward to work with you.