Who is the bunny and why is he/she important?


The name Bunny refers to an humble customer in the retail Industry. In any retail business, the customer relation plays a crucial role in sales conversions and the brand loyalty. The reason for being loyal to a company depends on how the customers feel after their interaction with what they experience. The competition present in the modern era has enabled the customers to choose according to their experiences and interest. Eventually, earning the trust of a customer does prove to be challenging for any retailer. According to the customers, they feel the need to be treated better and for that experience they don’t mind paying extra. When this happens, the customers are satisfied thoroughly and spread their positive thoughts about their experience with the retailers.


Disputes arise in any given business though you take precautions to avoid them. Though, operating a business without issues or customer problems isn’t possible, the way to tackle these problems and earn their credence paves the path of prosperity for any retail business. Business strategies involves not only closing the sale, but providing the customer with what they expect. Customers believe that they are more than just a number and want to be treated with more care and assurance.


Maintaining a good customer relationship empowers the quality of your business and helps in sustaining the performance of any retail business. The requirement of the right strategies and dedication develops client relations between the bunny and retailers. The reason why the customers criticize any business depends on how they are being dealt with. The continuous assurance of customer satisfaction involves churning out new procedures and developing the quality of customer service. The reason why only few businesses go on to be the top is because of the hard work they put in and give their 100% to thrive in such an environment. For example, if shoes are manufactured by 2 or 3 companies, the customers look into the quality, feedbacks and the reviews of other customer experiences. This is the reason that brands like Lee Cooper, Adidas, Nike have prevailed in this competitive environment.


Acquiring customers is very difficult because of the long process involved to get their attention, convince them and sell to them. Understanding this formula and making the effort to retain the customers already acquired can give the business lot more exposure and fame. The point is that businesses reduce their acquisition budgets if they are able to keep healthy customer relationships. Another important aspect of the importance of customer lies in their vicinity and their credence for an retail business that establishes its growth. The revenue generation is more through an satisfied customer and this is because of the positive feedbacks and the loyalty towards their customer service.


Therefore, customers are the lifeline for any retail business to survive in this Industry and the competition prevalent in today’s scenario, makes every single retail business strive hard to believe their success among the customers.


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