Exciting your customer when they interact with your brand for the first time will pave the path to life-time loyalty. It is about the “WOW” factor that you create in your customer. For product companies, this is the concept behind packaging. Have you seen how people are crazy about watching unboxing videos on Youtube. You can notice the excitement in the person doing the videos as well as people watching them.

Try the following tips…

1. Have fun with customer interactions. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

You have seen in the tweet exchanges between Taco Bell and Old Spice. The humor in Taco Bell’s witty reply stands out… Have fun with your interactions with other brands as well as your customers.

2. Do something unexpected for a loyal customer – when they want it most.

For instance, when your most loyal customer orders for just an appetizer (say Vada or Bonda), you go ahead and offer him a complete meal for free. For inspiration, see this tweet below…

It was a fun tweet by Peter (@petershankman) asking Morton’s Steakhouse to deliver steak when he arrived at Newark airport (USA). It was actually attended by the Morton’s restaurant team to deliver a full meal and no bill 🙂

3. Extremely good customer service with Empathy

Watch out for customer complaints (esp in social media – Facebook or Twitter since they go viral). Respond to the issues with empathy towards your customer’s pain point. In most cases, excuses and blame game is being practiced. But, keeping your customer happy is the bottom-line. So, do whatever it takes to keep him happy and elated.

Your exchange or refund policy can be an example of how you empathize with your customers. It is important to have the customer walk away with a refund, rather than a product he did not want. This will do good for the brand in the long run.

A classic example is what my father does. Not many retail outlets give refunds, but yes to exchanges. My father decided to offer refund to many of the products we sell if they are unused and returned in original condition.

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