THANK BUNNY introduces to you… “Bunny Center” – A Customer-Centric ERP & CRM for Retail.

This platform assists retail brands to operate efficiently and win loyal customers. The merchant can manage sales, vendors and inventory, while engaging his customers at relevant touch points. The result? Long-term relationships and maximized margins.

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What’s the problem?

The objective for any business today is to convert a casual visitor into a loyal customer, but the path to achieve it is often tiresome. Customer retention is an important aspect of business, since the cost of acquiring new customer is 6 times the cost of retention.

Further, the need for an organized approach towards business operations is essential, as retailers work on tight margins and increased competition. Imagine a multi-store retailer having to manage his variable stock, differential pricing, customer engagement, loyalty programs and festive offers at regular intervals. It’s a nightmare!

While E-Commerce is taking charge of customer’s shopping needs, retail merchants gear up to offer a compelling experience beyond digital. The key lies in the collection and processing of data.

Here’s our solution

We want to provide a holistic customer-centric platform for retailers to get on speed with the Ecommerce firms. So, we put together the most essential components of a Retail ERP and the best aspects of a customer-relationship tool in a clean structure.

Who is Bunny? And why thank?

Bunny represents a humble customer who wishes to have a pleasing shopping experience. Don’t you think it is a good idea for retailers to thank such a customer. Hence, the name THANK BUNNY.
The expectation of a customer is simple… and yet there are multitude of ways in engaging with him / her.

The Smart Way

It is very important for retailers to collect, merge, and analyze data to understand the buying behavior of its customer segments. With collective intelligence from the data, more can be done than just driving sales. Predictive models can be devised in planning distribution routes, inventory levels and enhancing customer experience.

THANK BUNNY offers a suite of products that help a retail brand execute its customer retention activities effortlessly, and increase sales with proven game-mechanics. Here are the long list of features…

  • Product & Inventory Management
    Manage your products, price-lists, inventory, ecommerce, and sales commission.
  • CRM, Loyalty and Offers
    Handle CRM, Loyalty framework, Coupons & Offers management, and Feedback collection.
  • Vendor Management and Reports
    Drive Purchase orders, Forecasts, Reporting dashboards, and derive business intelligence
  • Data Security and User Privileges
    Deploy Territory management, user access levels, workflow automation, and third-party apps integration as part of the package.
  • Automation & Advance Features
    Access forecast reports, add custom modules, automate assignment of tasks, and integrate with other apps using APIs.

The Industry Backing

The best part is that we are backed by the time-tested Zoho company. Bunny-Center is a powerful platform that solves many retail specific problems, and integrates with several Zoho services. With a clean interface, we make it extremely easy for people with limited computer skills to operate. If you know how to email, you will know how to use our platform.

Sweet Deal

In view of the upcoming festive season, we are offering you FREE access to all our products for 6 months. Here’s the catch! This deal is only for those retailers who sign-up in this month (December 2017). This is a great time for you to deploy our products with no strings attached… not even your credit card.

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“Thank Bunny” can be a boon for retailers, as it can drive deeper relationship with customers across all channels holistically. The result? Long-term relationships and maximized margins. Try our suite of technology platforms to help your retail brands operate effectively. You may be a retailer or restaurateur of any size. We can help you grow your brand and revenue within a short span of time LEARN MORE

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