Facebook vs Instagram marketing: Which is the best?


Social media marketing is currently the most trendy form of promoting one’s business or brand. Though people choose the path of social media, they get confused in choosing the right platform for them. The current popular platforms are Facebook and Instagram as they have wide range of reach and help you market your business.


Let’s look at facebook firstly,



The performance of the ads in facebook is said to performing really well and the revenue it generates is quite huge. It is said that the facebook platform provides the business or brand to evolve and reach more audience.



It is reported that facebook is mostly popular among adults and this channel is more popular with women than with men. The age group which dominates this platform is between 18-29 but all the other age groups use this platform as well which proves that Facebook is very effective in marketing.



Facebook continues to be the number one social network platform when it comes to reach. According to visibility alone, facebook wins hands-down.



The engagement factor in facebook is comparatively lesser than in Instagram but after Instagram, facebook firmly holds that position without much competition.


Now, let’s look at Instagram,



Instagram has some of the most highly engaged users as it is reported that almost 95 million photos and videos get shared in this platform. Instagram is considered to have the highest audience engagement compared to other platforms.



According to a research, Instagram has more than 800 million users in a month and close to 500 million followers daily. This is an amazing way to give your business a massive global reach as it augments the brands visibility.



The demographic statistics of Instagram reports that there are more female users on this platform than men. Instagram is accessed primarily by the people aged between 18 and 29. They also are a great platform for influencer marketing.



Instagram brings in highly engaged website visitors and the average amount of time they spend in this platform is around 4 minutes. It is said that visitors of Instagram stay longer that the visitors in facebook.


According to the above points laid out,


Instagram for reaching the younger age group

Instagram attracts the younger age group which allows a business or brand to boost their growth. Since the users are more trendy and want visual content, using this platform to reach the younger age group is quite an effective way.


Instagram for better engagement

Facebook is easily outplayed by Instagram when it comes to engagement as the users get involved when they are visually attracted.


Using Facebook for higher visibility

Though Instagram has it’s advantages, Facebook has authority over Instagram in the wide range of reach. The user base is much larger here and also spreads across all the age groups.


Using Facebook for distributing information

The limitations with linking in Instagram is a disadvantage for this platform whereas facebook gives you the freedom to share unlimited links to your product pages and blogs. Sharing Information to a wide range of audience is necessary for a business and what better way than facebook.


As far as all the facts collected and put forward to you,  both the social media platforms are quite important in their own ways. They have their benefits, advantages and cons. According to the above blog, Instagram may have the slightest advantage when compared to facebook but both the platforms are equally persuasive in social media marketing.


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