The fashion retailer embraces technology to not only expand one’s business, but also to establish a lasting bond and a sense of oneness with it’s customers. THANK BUNNY aims to bridge this gap between retailers and it’s customers with Technology.

We are glad to announce the first batch of Fashion retail brands who would get featured on our THANK BUNNY application. Among the many benefits, they will receive entry-passes for Fashion Premier Week’16 at Crowne Plaza.

1. Sting Clothing
2. Hi Style
3. Diva
4. Woman’s World
5. Shanu’s Boutique
6. Karmaa Fashions
7. La Boutique
8. Mana Design Studio
9. Envy Me
10. Lubna’s Boutique
11. Shaanbhi
12. Karishma Dresses
13. Rangeela
14. Sankalp
15. Lagan
16. Kiah’s
17. Nspire
18. S’Couture
19. Gabbana Life
20. OS Coccoon
21. New Look

Download our mobile application on Google Play today, and join the fan-clubs of your favorite stores.

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uttamchand kanķaria · March 7, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Good Start All The Best . Nspire …….women’s Attire

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