New to digital marketing? Here are few companies that are doing it right

Digital marketing is not a complex process and is just marketing. It is just a way of getting your message to reach your customers. Since, most of the human population are online, keeping them informed on your data, and what you want to tell them is easy. If you’re new to digital marketing, you just have to know that digital marketing is nothing but marketing your services by putting them on the internet. Though there are different techniques needed to succeed, this is the basic formula for digital marketing. Now let’s look at some companies which are doing digital marketing right,


Yelp is a online review site which combined social networking in the year 2004. Yes this may seem obvious now but at that time it was something unheard of. Yelp has 160 million unique monthly visitors and 121 million reviews. Yelp provided the best recommendations for every kind of business needed fantastic reviewers. So, they focused on in their early marketing efforts and now are reaping benefits.


Mastercard has a knack of creating engaging experiences for customers which retain them. The MLB Chicago Cubs strategy done was their most successful one and it is said to be a masterclass of a move. They proved that creating viral digital marketing campaigns should benefit both their brand and someone else. And they managed time very well in each campaigns they did which contributed to their success in a huge way.


Payment by the Starbucks app has been happening for the past 5 years and it is said that in the first two years they made a revenue of 26 million in this method. The fact that Starbucks adopted Wi-Fi in store relatively early meant that it must now have lots of data on its customers. These were some of the smart moves by Starbucks and now they are a brand famous all over the world.


Volkswagen is famous for its bold content marketing and stands out for its usable website. Their online and TV promotions are reaping them lot of benefits and has become one of the companies which has a market all over the world.

On the whole, digital marketing is not what you think. For beginners it’s a completely different story, but for the brands mentioned above it is a very deep process. There are lot of dimensions to Digital marketing and this is the reason Zoho, the cloud software suite partners with Thank Bunny to give your brand or business less tension by providing all the digital marketing strategies required for your brand.

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