Achieve Rapid Growth

Boost your customer acquisition channels, increase conversions and maximize your revenue.

We help retailers and restaurateurs achieve rapid and sustainable growth with digital tools and strategies.

What we deliver

We have vast experience in selecting the right channel for the desired target group to achieve higher revenue growth and profitability.

Customer Acquisition
Get new customers into your pool, and understand why they have come to you.

Customer Activation
Put your best foot forward and make your newly acquired customers feel “WOW”.

Customer Retention
The essence of growth hacking is in making your customers loyal to you.

How you benefit

A successful organization ought to have a persistent flow of prospects and be watchful for not squandering cash in the wrong channels.

  • Discover new customer acquisition channels
  • Get traction for product launches
  • Increase number of store walk-ins
  • Optimize your campaigns to generate leads
  • Establish your SEO & publish digital content

Making the guests in your store experience their “Aha!” moment is crucial to the growth of your business.

  • Convert store walk-ins into customers
  • Automate your on-boarding communication
  • Inform and educate customers on your key products

As the studies reveal, loyal customers generate 70% of the yearly sales. Use newsletters and announcements to keep your customers in the loop.

  • Accurate retention analysis
  • Remind and get back old customers
  • Increase loyal customer base

Leverage customer data, along with CRM, and ERP data to predict when a customer is ready for an upsell.

  • Increase your customer base
  • Decrease churn
  • Increase annual revenue

Deploy online surveys to measure NPS (Net Promoter Score) of your brand, and gauge your customer satisfaction.

  • Identify happy customers and turn them into brand-advocates
  • Attend customer issues in real-time
  • Give special care to at-risk customers

We're the Thought Leaders in Multi-Channel Retail Growth

How we do it


Digital Marketing

Social Analysis

Consumer Insights

Digital Marketing

We offer marketing consulting and execution to meet your goals.

  • Digital Assets & SEO
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Digital Outreach
  • Digital Branding
  • Digital Advertising

SAAS Products

We offer SAAS products for retail and restaurant brands of all sizes. You may pay as you go without big investment.

  • Loyalty & Feedback Engine
  • Retail ERP & CRM
  • Gamification Engine
  • Deals App


We offer training on the latest growth tools and techniques, alongside our own methodologies. These programs are designed for

  • Marketing Teams
  • Startup Founders
  • Decision Makers

Associated with


Standard Quote
Digital Assets Creation
Convert Rate Optimization
SEO & Content Strategy Execution
Social Media Strategy Execution
Email Automation
Loyalty & Customer Engagement
Custom Quote
All Standard Pack Features +
Social Outreach
Messenger Outreach
Performance Marketing
Referral & Viral Marketing
Actionable Analytics Panel

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