Top Brands with Quality Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is very unpredictable and it requires a constant update for the brand to create an impact. Though digital marketing connects with your customer and increases brand awareness, analyzing what the other brands have done can add to your confidence level and the way of approaching your strategy. Let’s look at some brands that are acing digital marketing because they’re creating experiences and content that captivate their audience.



Domino’s has been widely appreciated for their way of marketing over the years and till date they have shown constant change in their strategy. The latest way of letting customers order via twitter, amazon Alexa etc has been rated high in the industry. This made buying pizza very convenient as the way of people interacting with the world is changing. Dominos proved that digital marketing is more than just content marketing, email, and paid advertising. Changing the process of how your product is ordered or received is another aspect of creative digital marketing.


The 911 Campaign of Porsche had a very strong impact on many car enthusiasts and their mobile strategy was so brilliant. They introduced the 911 to a new generation where they incorporated both traditional advertising and digital advertising by creating the world’s first interactive hologram print ad. Porsche sent out about 50,000 copies of Fast Company’s April issue, which came with a prism you could assemble. These copies were sent to a chosen group of affluent subscribers, who would place the prisms on top of their tablet and watch a special video, creating the hologram effect. Whilst this was a highly targeted campaign, they also caused a huge marketing buzz around the brand.


Zappos is one of the best e-commerce companies in shoe industry and sets the gold standard for online customer care. They provide free shipping (both ways) and also have a 365-day money back guarantee. Though Zappos doesn’t work so hard online, their consumers are so satisfied with the service just because of their amazing policies. But the fact that they invest heavily in online marketing still remains a fact. The success is purely organic and this is because of the focus they give on customer needs and wants.


Heineken’s biggest advancement after their political conflict was bringing people together with contrast opinions regarding few topics. For example, they paired someone who thought that men should be men and women should be women with a transgender person. They went through a series of bonding challenges before their disagreements were revealed and they were given a choice to leave or sit down for a beer and discuss their differences. What they did after this was quite a huge success because of the way it reached people. They uploaded the video on facebook and within hours it was viral. The engagement of the video was tremendous and the response was overwhelming. Their theme of “coming together despite the tension” augmented their brand and gave them a huge boost.

The above listed brands had created a big impact in the industry of marketing and set an example for the other brands. The power of digital marketing has also been very significant for the brand to evolve and succeed. Thank Bunny helps your brands to have dynamic digital marketing strategies for your brand to compete in such a competitive industry. So if you think that your brand needs  good digital marketing then why don’t you reach us.



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